Dr. Kanchan Singh


M.A. Hindi in 1989 from Kashi Naresh Govt. College, Gyanpur, Varanasi
Ph. D. in 1993,
Working since 30-9-2001


Dr. Prabha Rani Gupta


M.A. Psychology in 1974 from Govt. Raza PG College, Rampur
Ph. D in 1985, “A Study of Relationship of Introversion and Extroversion with Scholastic Attainment among class VIII students”
Working since 21-09-1977

Dr. Reeta Jetly  

M.A. Psychology in 1977 from R.G.PG College, Meerut
Ph. D in 2004, “A Comparative Study of Sixteen Personality factors of Highly adjusted and Low adjusted Undergraduate Boys and Girls of Rohilkhand Region”
Working since 22-3-1991


Dr. Manju Jain


M.A. Sanskrit in 1970 from University of Allahabad
Ph. D in1973 in “A Study of the Notices of the Seers, Deities and Metres of Rig Vedic Verses in the Brahmans”
Working since 11-09-73


Dr. Rajni Gupta


M.A. Economics in 1970
Ph. D in 1992, “Role of Price Policy in Agricultural Sector with Special Reference to India”
Working since 26-08-1974


Dr. Poonam Bansal


M.A. Economics in 1979 from Hindu College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 1986, “Trends of Urbanisation of ‘KAVAL’ towns of UP since1951”
Working since 15-03-95


Dr. Shubha Goel


M.Sc. Home Science in 1984 from M.S. University, Baroda
Ph. D in 1999, “A Comparative Study of Disadvantaged and General Category Adolescents in relation to their Home Environment, Achievement Motivation, Creative Functioning and Academic Achievement”
Working since 11-03-1991


Dr. Anupma Mehrotra


M.A. Home Science in 1987 from Agra University Agra
Ph.D in 2006 , “The Role Of Integrated Child Development Services in Physical Development of Pre School Children of 0-6 years in Moradabad Distt. Of Uttar Pradesh”
Working since 20-06-1991


Dr. Sujata Kumari


M.A. Political Science in 1986 from Magadh University, Boddh Gaya
Ph. D in 1992, “Social and Political Contribution of Deshratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad”
Working since 29-08-1996


Dr. Ritu Dixit


M.A. Sociology in 1991 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Ph. D in 1998,
Working since 13-08-2001


Dr. Santosh Singh


M.A.Sociology in 1986 from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak
Ph. D in 1992, “Employment and Fertility-A study of employed women and housewives in Rohtak City”
Working since 27-08-03


Dr. Reena Mittal


M.A. English in 1988 from Hindu College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 1993, “William Wordsworth as a Writer of Sonnets: A critical Re-appraisal”
Working since 24-04-2000


Dr. Archana Rathore


M.A. English in 1998 from University of Allahabad
Ph. D in 2006 , “Cross Cultural Parallelism in the plays of Harold Pinter and Rameshwar Prem”
Working since 02-12-2000


Dr. Seema Rani


M.Ed in 1992 from Hindu College, Moradabad
M.A. Geography in 1994 from K.G.K.College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 1997, “A Study of Perceived Socio-Political Ecology as a factor of College Teachers Militancy Morale and Alienation”
D.Litt. in 2005, “A Study to identify and understand Burnout Teachers of the colleges in terms of Teaching Effectiveness, Job-Satisfaction, Stress, Locus of Control, role-conflict, Role Ambiguity and Structure of Personality”
Working since 15-8-1996


Dr. Mani Bansal


M.Ed in 1997 from IASE, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
M.A. Clinical Psychology in 1999 from IASE, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
Ph. D in 2005, “Effectiveness of Behavioural Shaping and Modelling as a technique to develop self-help skills of Children with Developmental disability”
Working since




Dr. Shobha Gupta


M. Sc. Chemistry in 1984 from Hindu College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 1999, “Study of Mineral Contents of Different Foods and Mineral Consumption in Mass”
Working since 22-02-1991


Dr. Poonam Gupta


M.Sc. Zoology in 1978 from University of Allahabad
Ph. D in 1991 , “ Haematological Studies on some Fresh Water Fishes under the Stress of Azodyes”
Working since 24-2-1981


Dr. Bimal Sharma


M. Sc. Zoology in 1982 from Hindu College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 2004, “ Karyological Studies of Palm Squirrel ( FUNAMBULUS)
Working since 25-02-1991


Dr. Jolly Garg


M. Sc. Botany in 1984 from Agra University, Agra
Ph. D in 1988, “Studies on Growth and Physiology of some latex Yielding Plants”
Working since 10-10-1998


Dr. Seema Mahendra


M.Sc. Botany in 1985 from Hindu College, Moradabad
Ph. D in 1992, “Studies on Growth and Productivity under Salt Stress in Relation to Nitrogen Metabolism in Medicago Satina (Alfalfa)”
Working since 25-11-1991




Dr. Usha Gupta


M. Ed in 1973 from H.P. University
M.A. in Economics in 1970 from Meerut University
Ph. D in 1978, “A Study of Federal Finances in India”
Working since 11-10-1973


Dr. Raj Kumari Singh


M.A.in Pol. Sc. In 1974 from R.G.College, Meerut
M.Ed in 1976 from Meerut University, Meerut
M.Phil in 1977 from Meerut University, Meerut
Ph. D. in 1984 ‘Costs and benefits analysis of College Education in the Meerut University”
Working since 1-10-1977


Dr. Manju Jauhari


M. Sc. Chemistry in 1981 from Lucknow University, Lucknow
M. Ed in 1984 from Gorakhpur University, Gorkhpur
Ph. D in 1998   , “A Comparative Study of Personality Needs, Risk taking Behaviour and Problem Solving Ability in  Relation to Scholastic Performance of Girl Students”
Working since 24-08-2002


Smt. Aruna Sharma


M.A. Hindi in 1987 from D.J.College, Baraut, Meerut
M.Ed in 1983 from Meerut University, Meerut
Doing Ph. D on the topic- “A Comparative Study of selected B.Ed Pupil, Teachers and those Admitted Directly In Self-Financed Institution under Management Quota with Reference to their Academic Qualification, Level of Aspiration and Academic Achievement”
Working since 31-01-2004


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