Discipline Committee:
This committee works under the supervision of Chief Proctor. The members of this committee check students time to time for their dress code, attending classes regularly, and other anti-disciplinary activities such as ragging, smoking, chewing of tobacco and using mobiles in college campus. They maintain complete discipline of the college even during exams and functions.
Cultural Committee:
This committee’s greatest contribution is organizing founder’s day celebration on 12 Dec every year. They select students for founder’s day celebration by arranging singing and dancing competitions and organize a cultural program every year which is appreciated by all. We try to invite some dignitaries as the chief guest of the function.
Magazine Committee:
This committee works for the publication of college magazine BHARTI. They give notices and collect material for publication. They scrutinize the material with the help of students. This magazine is published every third year.
Sports Committee:
Outdoor Games such as
Basket Ball , Bedminton , Hokey, Khokho, Ground facility available

Indoor Games
Table Tanic, Carem Chess etc.

This committee actively arranges all sports events of the college. Regular practice of the students in the court of basketball is observed. Every year at least one sport is organized at university level. College has won many championships under the supervision of this committee.
Academic Committee and Vividh kala samiti:
These committees organize several competition through out the year such as:    
Quiz Competition
Debate Competition,
Mehandi competition
Essay competition
Poster competition
Solo singing competition
Group singing compitition
Rangoli competition
Greeting Card competition
Chart competition

Community Service:    
The college plays a vital role in the social and economic development of the country. The youth should enrich with moral values and should have inclination for solving social problems.
Our college selected Saini- Basti for community development work after inspecting and surveying many areas .It has been selected for social upliftment and social welfare as well as students’ development is also a major concern. Main parties of this program are Principal, lecturers, students and their group leaders, society and many government and non-government bodies.
It is a long and continuous plan that moves throughout the year. It has many multifaceted benefits. The main beneficiaries of this plan are the residents of the slum area and the students of the college. At the end of the session we notice a great change among our students because the program improved their personality.
1-10-05 Inspection of the slum
18-10-05 - 22-10-05 Literacy Campaign
27-10-05 27-10-05 Health Workshop by B.Ed. Dept
Cure of Meningitis was told.
8-11-05 Hindi English Alphabet literacy
9-11-05 Mehndi by cone
10-11-05 Acquaintance of national symbols
11-11-05 Importance of national anthem
12-11-05 Moral education
21-11-05 To impart private knowledge to the women.
22-11-05 Knowledge of community health
23-11-05 Information about traffic rules
24-11-05 Importance of nutrients in the diet
25-11-05 Importance of nutritious diet
28-11-05 Protection of bad habits
29-11-05 Knowledge regarding the tendency of
adding on the number of children in desire
of a male child.
30-11-05 Discussion on don’t take extra debt
01-12-05 Don’t ignore girl child education
02-12-05 Child marriage a social problem
05-12-05 AIDS awareness
06-12-05 Importance of Pulse Polio program
07-12-05 Respect your elders and never ignore old people of family
08-12-05 How to change style of living
14-12-05 Rescue from mental tension
15-12-05 Be attentive on the problems of teenagers
16-12-05 Vigilance awareness campaign
17-12-05 Water conservation and its importance
19-12-05 Utilize your leisure time in creative and positive work
20-12-05 20-12-05 Teaching girl child to protect themselves
21-12-05 21-12-05 Environment conservation
22-12-05 Importance of minor savings
23-12-05 Kitchen- a treasure of medicines
24-12-05 Cleanliness and safety of Jewellery
3-01-06 Awareness against noise pollution
4-01-06 Protection of woollen clothes

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